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Artist: Empress Michel - Album: Reality

Artist:  Prince Pankhi - Album: Golden Glory
Prince Pankhi
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Rasta Living
Various Artists

Richie Roots

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Artist: Richie Roots - Album: Jah Guide
If you could put his style and voice into words, it would be mystical. A combination of earthliness and talent. Richie Roots new reggae music CD, "Jah Guide", again display his notable blending of voice, artistry and taste. More >>

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Night Hawk

Artist: Night Hawk - Album: Love Mi A Deal Wid

Night Hawk new CD, "Love Mi A Deal Wid - COMING SOON",
1. Blood In The Street  2. Ganja Love  3. Haille Selassie I   4. Jah Life Life
5.Love Mi A Deal Wid  6. Mama  7. More Prison  8. Oh Girl 9. Rasta Dance  10. Rasta See Them 11. Reggae Music  12. Shout Selassie I 13. Too Ignorant

Reggae Music Greats

Uplifter - What Kinda World

Artist: Uplifter - Album: What Kinda World
">Uplifter is a part of Capleton's David House crew. Jamaican singer, Clinton Robinson, popularly known as Uplifter, born on May 19. 1955 in the parish of St. Mary. Started singing at a tender age in school and church programs More >>

Black Gold
Ragga Lox

Artist: Manna Panna - Album: Manna From Zion

Manna From Zion
Manna Panna


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Black Mind Records Logo 1997 marks the launch of Black Mind Records as an opportunity for new and establish reggae artists to tap into its music. Black Mind Records Founder and President, Richie Roots, began as a reggae artist. Throughout 1998, there were signs that the Black Mind umbrella should concentrate on the Roots and Culture, and Lovers Rock spectrum of the reggae music. . More >>
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